Arnaud Roux-Oulié – Château Carlmagnus


Arnaud Roux-Oulié took over the estate when he was 20 years old and diversified it by acquiring 2 hectares to create his estate, the Château Carlmagnus. The name of the estate was inspired by Emperor Charlemagne who, stayed in the region and built a fortress.
Since then, this vineyard has become one of the jewels in the Fronsacappellation and, its distribution is international. In 2011, Arnaud bought a new estate, Francs-Magnus (Bordeaux Supérieur). With his 2020 vintage, he vinified new vintages in organic agriculture for Châteaux Carlmagnus and Francs-Magnus. The ambitions of the winemaker for his estates do not stop there. Many new products will soon get unveiled.

Château Carlmagnus has developed while remaining faithful to a single philosophy: to produce fantastic wines; while honoring and preserving Fronsac, this exceptional territory. This is how the culture of the vine has always been carried out in Reasoned Agriculture. To develop the identity of the vineyard, he converted part of it to Organic Agriculture, allowing the rediscovery of the terroir’s originality. Meticulous work in harmony with the rhythms of nature for the respect of the environment and men. Great wines are created based on passion, patience, and know-how, values that are dear to Château Carlmagnus.



Adress & Contact

Château Lague – Maison Roux Oulié

BP 5 – 33126 Fronsac

Tél : +33 (0) 5 57 51 24 68

Mobile : +33 (0) 6 08 32 26 59